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Reads tags and content from an existing tagged PDF


use PDF::Class;
use PDF::Tags::Reader;
# read tags
my PDF::Class $pdf .= open: "t/pdf/tagged.pdf");
my PDF::Tags::Reader $tags .= read: :$pdf;
my PDF::Tags::Elem $doc = $tags[0];
say "document root {$}";
say " - child {.name}" for $;
say $doc.xml; # dump tags and text content as XML


This module implements reading of tagged PDF content from PDF files.


This class inherits from PDF::Tags and has its methods available.

method read

method read(PDF::Class :$pdf!, Bool :$create, Bool :$marks) returns PDF::Tags

Read tagged PDF structure from an existing file that has been previously tagged.

The :create option creates a new struct-tree root, if one does not already exist.

The :marks option causes PDF::Tag::Reader to descend into content and build a more detailed structure that includes the actual marks in the content stream as PDF::Tags::Mark objects. Otherwise just the content text is inserted as a child of type Str.

method canvas-tags

method canvas-tags(PDF::Content::Canvas) returns Hash

Renders a canvas object (Page or XObject form) and caches marked content as a hash of PDF::Content::Tag objects, indexed by MCID (Marked Content ID).

Scripts in this Distribution


pdf-tag-dump.raku --select=<xpath-expr> --omit=tag --password=Xxxx --max-depth=n --marks --/atts --/style --debug t/pdf/tagged.pdf


This script reads tagged PDF content from PDF files as XML.