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Documentation for the Raku PDF Project

Raku PDF Project Overview

API Modules

PDF::Lite - Basic PDF Manipulation

Suitable for simple graphics and PDF construction

PDF::API6 - Advanced Manipulation

Fully Featured API, including Outlines, Advanced Colors, Interactive Forms, Settings and Metadata.

FDF - FDF Manipulation

Extension Modules

Module Description Compatiblity
PDF::Font::Loader Loads True-Type (*.ttf), OpenType (*.otf) and Type-1 (*.pfb) files. PDF::Lite, PDF::API6 and PDF::Class
PDF::Tags Tagged PDF reading and writing PDF::API6 and PDF::Class
HTML::Canvas::To::PDF HTML 5 Canvas renderer PDF::Lite, PDF::API6 and PDF::Class

Tool-chain Modules

PDF::Class - PDF Object Classes

PDF::Content - PDF Content Manipulation

PDF - Low-level PDF Manipulation

Font::AFM - AFM Font Metrics for Type-1 and core fonts

Font::FreeType - FreeType font-library bindings

PDF::ISO_32000 - Mined resources from the PDF specification, including an XML Dump of ISO-32000 1