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Font loader for the PDF tool-chain

[Raku PDF Project] / [PDF-Font-Loader Module] / PDF::Font::Loader :: Enc :: CMap

class PDF::Font::Loader::Enc::CMap

CMap based encoding/decoding


This method maps to PDF font dictionaries with a ToUnicode entry and Type0 (CID) fonts with an Encoding entry that reference CMaps.

This class extends the base-class PDF::Font::Loader::Enc, adding the ability of reading existing CMaps. It also adds the ability to handle variable encoding.


This class inherits from PDF::Font::Loader::Enc and has all its method available.


Generates a CMap for the /Encoding entry in a PDF Type0 font, which is used to implement custom variable and wide encodings. This method is typically called from the font object when an encoding has been added or updated for the encoder.


Most, but not all, CMap encoded fonts have a Unicode mapping. The has-encoding() method should be used to verify this before using the encode() or decode() methods on a dictionary loaded CMap encoding.