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Font loader for the PDF tool-chain

[Raku PDF Project] / [PDF-Font-Loader Module] / PDF::Font::Loader :: Enc :: Type1

class PDF::Font::Loader::Enc::Type1

Implements a Type1 single byte encoding scheme, such as win, mac, or std


This is an early single byte encoding scheme that is restricted to a maximum of 255 glyphs.

It works best with latinish characters. However the encoding schema can be customized and adapted in the PDF, so it will work with any font as long as no more that 255 unique glyphs are begin used.

Their are slightly varying win, mac and std encodings for text fonts, as well as significantly different sym encoding, commonly used for the Symbol core font, and zapf for the ZapfDingbats core-font.


This class inherits from PDF::Font::Loader::Enc and has all its methods available.