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Font loader for the PDF tool-chain

[Raku PDF Project] / [PDF-Font-Loader Module] / PDF::Font::Loader :: FontObj :: CID

class PDF::Font::Loader::FontObj::CID

Implements a PDF CID font


This is a subclass of PDF::Font::Loader::FontObj for representing PDF CID fonts, introduced with PDF v1.3.

The main defining characteristic of CID (Type0) fonts is their abililty to support multi-byte (usually 2-byte) encodings.

This class is used for all fonts with a multi-byte (or potentially multi-byte) encoding such as identity-h or cmap.


This class inherits from PDF::Font::Loader::FontObj and has all its methods available.

It provides CID specific implementations of the finish-font, font-descriptor and make-dict methods, but introduces no new methods.