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[Raku PDF Project] / [PDF-Tags Module] / PDF::Tags :: Node

class PDF::Tags::Node

Abstract Node


method cos

Returns the underlying PDF::Class or PDF::Content object. The PDF::Tags::Node subclass and PDF::COS type are mapped as follows:

PDF::Tags::Node object PDF::Class object |Base class Notes
PDF::Tags PDF::StructTreeRoot PDF::Tags::Node::Parent PDF structure tree root
PDF::Tags::Elem PDF::StructElem PDF::Tags::Node::Parent Intermediate structure element node
PDF::Tags::Mark PDF::MCR PDF::Tags::Parent Leaf marked content reference
PDF::Tags::ObjRef PDF::OBJR PDF::Tags::Node Leaf object reference
PDF::Tags::Text N/A PDF::Tags::Node Looking to eliminate this class?

method root

method root() returns PDF::Tags

Link to the structure tree root.

method find (alias AT-KEY)

method find is also<AT-KEY> returns Seq
say $tags.find('Document/L[1]/@O')[0].name'
say $tags<Document/L[1]/@O>[0].name'

This method evaluates an XPath like expression (see PDF::Tags::XPath) and returns a sequence of matching nodes.

With the exception that $node.AT-KEY($node-name) routes to $node.Hash{$node-name}, rather than using the XPath engine.

method first

method first($expr) returns PDF::Tags::Node
say $tags.first('Document/L[1]/@O').name;

Like find, except the first matching node is returned.

method xml

method xml(*%opts) returns Str

Serialize a node and any descendants as XML.

Calling $node.xml(|c), is equivalent to:|c).Str($node)