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Tagged PDF writer

[Raku PDF Project] / [PDF-Tags Module] / PDF::Tags :: XML-Writer

class PDF::Tags::XML-Writer

XML Serializer for tagged PDF structural items


use PDF::Class;
use PDF::Tags;
use PDF::Tags::XML-Writer;
my PDF::Class $pdf .= open: "t/write-tags.pdf";
my PDF::Tags $tags .= read: :$pdf;
my PDF::Tags::XML-Writer $xml-writer .= new: :debug, :root-tag<Docs>;
# atomic write
say $xml-writer.Str($tags);
# streamed write
$xml-writer.say($*OUT, $tags);
# do our own streaming
for gather $$tags) {


This class is used to dump nodes and their children in an XML format.

The xml method can be called on individual elements in the tree to dump these as fragments:

say '<Document>';
say .xml(:depth(2)) for $tags.find('Document//Sect');
say '</Document>';

Calling $node.xml(|c), is equivalent to:|c).Str($node)