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[Raku PDF Project] / [PDF-Tags Module] / PDF::Tags :: Node :: Parent

class PDF::Tags::Node::Parent

Abstract non-leaf node


This is a base class for nodes that may contain child elements (objects of type: PDF::Tags, PDF::Tags::Elem and PDF::Tags::Mark).


method AT-POS

method AT-POS(UInt $index) returns PDF::Tags::Node
my $third-child = $node[2];

node[$n] is equivalent to[$n].

method Array

Returns all child nodes as an array.

method kids

Returns an iterator for the child elements:

for $ -> PDF::Tags::Node $kid { ... }
my @kids = $;  # consume all at once

Unlike the Array and Hash methods kids does not cache child elements and may be more efficient for one-off traversal of larger DOMs.

method add-kid multi method add-kid(Str :$name!, *%atts) returns PDF::Tags::Node:D; multi method add-kid(PDF::Tags::Node:D :$node!) returns PDF::Tags::Node:D;

Adds the node as a child of the current node.

method keys

say $tags.first('Document/L[1]').keys.sort.join; # e.g.: '@ListNumbering,@O,LI'

returns the names of the nodes immediate children and attributes (prefixed by ‘@’);

method node-path

Returns an XPath expression to locate the node in the document tree.

method Hash

Returns a Hash of child nodes (arrays of lists) and attributes (prefixed by ‘@’)

say $tags.first('Document/L[1]').Hash<LBody>[0].text;  # text of first list-item
say $tags.first('Document/L[1]').Hash<@ListNumbering>; # lit numbering attribute

Alias methods

Standard structure tags and there aliases can be used as an alias for the add-kid() method. For example $node.add-kid( :name(Paragraph) ) can be written as $node.Paragraph, or $node.P. The full list of alias methods is:

Structure Tags

Document, Part, Article(Art), Section(Sect), Division(Div), BlockQuotation(BlockQuote), Caption, TableOfContents(TOC), TableOfContentsItem(TOCI), Index, NonstructuralElement(NonStruct), PrivateElement(Private)

Paragraph Tags

Paragraph(P), Header(H), Header1(H1), Header2(H2), Header3(H3), Header4(H4), Header5(H5), Header6(H6),

List Element Tags

List(L), ListItem(LI), Label(Lbl), ListBody(LBody),

Table Tags

Table, TableRow(TR), TableHeader(TH), TableData(TD), TableBody(TBody), TableFooter(TFoot),

Inline Element Tags

Span, Quotation(Quote), Note, Reference, BibliographyEntry(BibEntry), Code, Link, Annotation(Annot), Ruby, RubyPunctutation(RP), RubyBaseText(RB), RubyText(RT), Warichu, WarichuPunctutation(RP), WarichuText(RT), Artifact,

Illustration Tags

Figure, Formula, Form